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Day XXX, 18th June

Lol, im sure all of you dunoe this :

I moved to

Blogspot XD

So, cya there XD

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Day 243, 13th March

Finally. Its holiday

There is no new post today. Thank you.

Wheres the post?

Haha, I know, i know, dont cry. Its been exactly one month since i last posted any post! Some people even says thats its dead. Im just kind of… Busy. Well, talking about one month, it was also exactly one month from the incident on this FRIDAY THE 13th… Zan and Affaris were in a motorcycle accident. Ya la who ask them drive at 140km/h! But the only lesson they get is just few scratches, some scolding, and money loss. The scratches is like only …. scratches. Today also very funny, alvin lifted me up, and he did for 5 seconds or so, every1 in the class clapped (rofl. I was like screaming in my heart, so scary, its like if he let go I die XD)

Lets see… what has happened in the past few months..

First is the EST project, making a town. (Ours is the onlycirle town) The first meeting was very stupid. We went to pustaka, and we met at the meeting room. Then we find out we dont have enough plasticine (in the end, we have the thickest plasticine ground layer compare to all of the classmate, its like .5 cm thick, and we found out we don’t need that much…) Me and Justine went out to go to techno-graphic but instead of using the long way, we use the shorter way, which is the jalan berumput. It was short but then… PLOP.

We went into a trouble, our legs starting to go into a “quicksand” well, it did rain a lot during those days. Figures. But it was so stupid after that too, we walk through the path again,our feet keep sinking into it.

Looks can be deceiving. At first we saw few foot tracks, but we ignored it because the grass is so green. Then we’re the one hu suffered

Haha, we went to the dewan suarah’s toilet.

So far thats about est…

Half Eclipse 

On the CNY itself, Miri (im not sure other place) had and eclips
e. You know, this simple things that occurs in life made me think again that there a lot to miss if i die early. An eclipse for me is a VERY RARE occasion. This is my second time i have experienced this eclipse (the first time was at my old home, i was wearing underpants watching the eclipse with a film strip, dont mind the pants, i was 7 for god sake) It was said to occur at 4.30. So we went out of the house at 4 and we were heading to the beach. When it was 4.30 pm a blew came in and clouds covered the sun (i even said goddammit). When we reached the beach, the sight was still unfavourable.

The clouds still blocking the sun. However, when it was 5 15 pm when we had given up and we are now at a bank (money place which is near the river bank) The eclipse was there. You guys know how it happens? First, the sun shines SO BRIGHT like it was in the middle of a desert. Then the moon starts to engulf the sun (this was a half eclipse so he managed toeat only half of the sun ;p, i wonder, why does the moon want to eat the sun? Want to hilangkan her jerawat ka? XD)At first it was damn painful to the eye. Then a cloud came and passed it. There. The sight was… i cant describe it with just words. The Crescent can be seen. It was magnificent. Just imagine, a crescent in a middle of the day. It was awesome. Although we wasted few hours there. But it is a memory i would remember till the end.

Chinese New Year…

Oh yea, Happy Ox Year to all of the ones who celebrate CNY. Nothing much happened but I only went to Jasmine’s house on the 3rd day of CNY. Haha memang gila la that day. One thing i can’t believe is she cooked (yeah. with a lot of help of cos, even her mother said: You’re cutting the sausages wrongly!) You know, even when entering the house also got sign of danger (well. Beside the food that is) theres a huge dog was following behind me. Jasmine and her sis were like shocked and dragged me inside. (lols) There were 4 guys (which I didn’t know who, but in the end I became frens with two of them because of DOTA things). We were watching disaster movie.

All I can say is…. That movie was a DISASTER XD! Then finally some one i know comes, Aot (the ‘C’ Girl). Then watched Agent Cody Banks 2, then suddenly people took out the cd, me, aot, and some ex kolejian was watching BLUE! XD, you know, when the cd is not inside, the tv becomes blue. Aot said: Nice oh this blue? Should watch more of it! XD. Then hani and gab came. After a short while of joking around, we finally face the challenge, we have to eat Jasmine’s Pasta. (okok la the taste but i feel like drunk. Lols.) Only manage to eat half =.= then throw everything to Gab. Then came the lion dance, was shy so asked Gab to take video: So here it is: and then i kept eating some fried crackers with acar, damn gud. Lols.


Orientation was fun well, some of it was. But i really like the friday one. The last day. Its Cooking time! Its easier for me to show than to write :D

Im Uwaes, Signing out


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Day 213, 14th February

Its Time For Lovin’ People!

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. In the West, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. The day was originally a pagan festival that was renamed after two Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

The day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of “valentines.” Modern Valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten notes have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards.[1] The sending of Valentines was a fashion in nineteenth-century Great Britain, and, in 1847, Esther Howland developed a successful business in her Worcester, Massachusetts home with hand-made Valentine cards based on British models. The popularity of Valentine cards in 19th-century America was a harbinger of the future commercialization of holidays in the United States.

Taken From Wikipedia:’s_Day

Hi Every1, I’ve been hiatusing for so damn long! Well, you know la, i have exams coming up this year. So i’ve been studying (and a lot of playing games).  Haiz.. Its valentine day and its the first time i am really bored on this day (i never cared about it before). Itu la punya pasal those two love bugs (jangkit me want have one to XD) Khai be my date today? Rofl. Nonono. I think i want mao~ lol. (“Gila you”). Hahahhahaha. Lols hu cares. I got sumthing else to think about. Today gonna have a barbeque at my house (curtin students gonna come here and im gonna ask for donation) and i hope i get some food XD

Last week, we were bz with EST. A project to make city. 4got to take that picture. Later i show u.

But the main thing is i want to share this video: Where hani and jas cooked

Im Uwaes, Signing Out


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Day 157, 7th january

WhAt ThE hEcK aM i SaYiNg?

Ce, ftuh tugo a’go zoon xeinv? Htij ij u yexo sajhino tux puxo. Temo a andokjhunx~

Lol. Im sure ur trying to figure what i wrote up there XD. Share with you guys later on. These few days have been a laughing hell. On Monday it was about a word i said after we discuss about Recycling. It started with Justine new book; it got very nice pictures at the front of it (well all is about dead things like the dead fish)

But one word from it is my favourite: MODERN TECHNOLOGY, OWES ECOLOGY, AN APOLOGY! XD it was nicely done, with a picture of smoke emitted from a factory. Suits us though, we do need to apologize to the world, so… fart more save the world. LOLS! (our (just and me) theory was, if we fart, it can menyegarkan the flower/trees etcetc = more oxygen for us). Anyway back to the book again. This is a part of the conversation:

Khai: Kertas tok mesti diperbuat daripada recycled paper

Me: Yea, tisu wanita! Hahaha (laughing alone)

Jus , Tqah, Jen, Hani, Khai: Tisu wanita?

Tqah: Bukan tuala wanita ka?

Me: Eh? Salah XD

Us: Laughed a hell a lot!

Tuesday was more funnier…. But I 4got what happened. LOLS. Anyway today, it was so funny during cikgu norhazma period. We were suppose to act on somewhat a rumah terbuka la, but the act was so funny u noe. The first group (kong, haziqah, aisyah, steffie and Shirley) instead of talking about everything else they talked about baju and food only haha and they end the act saying : “Eh theres a concert there, lets go!” (oh ya btw this was suppose to be rumah terbuka by the kerajaan, theres a relation to this info later on.) Then it was our turn (me , jus, azzad, zan, and faris). The situation was:

*note: all of this is in bm*

Me, was taking food at the (apa nama tempat ya? Where we take food thingy?) Oh yea it was buffet. Anyway, took jas book as plate, garnette’s pencilcase, jas pen, and sonia’s spectacle briefcase. (then i dropped sonia’s file and people say tumpah the food) *note: im laughing like heck rite now* Then Justine and zan came in *note: still laughing!* and there was a moment of silence *note: there i go laughing again while writing this* Justine looked at me, I looked at zan, zan looked at jus,

Justine whispered: Psst Wes, its your turn!

Me: Eh? Is it? (said out loud la pulak, class laughed bcos of that)

Zan and jus: (smack their head and went outside again)

Me: (after 10 sec i make a gesture ask them come in) Eh jus! You here also? (takes his hand shake and we body slam eachother)

Jus: (Whispers: That was a bit too powerfull =.=”)  Oh hi uwaes!

Me: Hus this? (pointing to zan)

Zan: Im zan nice to meet you

Me: And im Uwaes? (very blur wat to say next)

Zan : (Looking at my “plate”) Whoa! Banyaknya makanan!(class laughed like hell)

Me: (Blur)

Zan: Its ur turn la! (class laugh again) ….. (NO its not the class whose laughing! Its the people in the class zzz)

Me: EH?

Zan: (walked out take script from azzad then give me)

Me: (examining) Nah! Betul la me! I shut up then those 2 go in (class laughed again)

Zan and Jus: LOLS!

Azzad and affaris is a foreign people so they see my food so weird so ask la wats that,

Azzad: Whats that in your plate?

Me: Umm, this is Umai (show the spectacle case, a very BIG umai) and this is lemang ( garnettes pencilcase, which is black, Justine later on said my lemang hangus! LOLS) this is…. (moment of pause holding jas’s pen)

Then people whisper me its satay

Me: Oh yea! This is satay! And this is a plate (the book) from kerajaan. (people very blur)

OK. This is the point where the “(oh ya btw this was suppose to be rumah terbuka by the kerajaan, theres a relation to this info later on.” Part is used. LOLS. That time like crow passing by a lot XD (not funny lols)

Affaris : Lets take picture (so cepat tukar topic)

All scoot over one side take picture (from affaris phone, a note book)

Then they ask la:

Azzad: Why you people menyambut this thing? (rumah terbuka)

Me: Boleh ulang soalan? (class laughed, azzad came tell me) OH! OK! Its for… Azzad, wat was it again? (LOLS. Azzad came again tell me the answer)

Me: Oh! Its untuk mengeratkan  silaturahim

Affaris:  Oh begitu, so why is it only islam menyambut raya?

Me,Jus, and zan: (blur rofl)

By that time all of us was blur rofl. So affaris ended wif this:

Affaris: Ahh, hujan! (and we all scattered off to our places)

And thats it for our team. LOLS!

Next is the 3rd group (hani, tqah, khai and jen)

It started with hani, tqah and kai meeting outside the rumah terbuka venue. (sorry i dun remember much if ada yang salah forgive and just forget heheheh) But i still remember la: Why Chinese people eat limau mandarin  (i think this was it) then Jennifer answer: Itu la kamu tak baca buku teks! (we were laughing like hell lols)

The last group (shuk, liyana and yasmin)

It started with Yana and Karmala (yasmin) hit each other’s shoulder while passing by. Then they hugged, you know, the ordinary stuffs. Then yana complimented Karmala’s batik, then Karmala boast about it la etcetc. Then, Liyana: Thats weird, its look like the same baju i wear during school (LOLS XD) Then they met shukri. The introduction was way funny:

Yasmin: Eh whose that ahgua? (pondan)

Liyana: EH? Thats shukri!

Shukri: Oh hi you guys!


They ended up at this concert where people sing lagu raya.

Yasmin: Why they sing this song during this festivity?

Liyana: So they FEEL of the raya celebration.

Yasmin: Talking about FEEL, i FEEL of going toilet!

Liyana: I want go also! Ok bye shukri~

Thats how they ended their drama. Lols. That period was dam funny.

Anyway, i got tagged by 2 lovely persons:

My two special friends, Atiqah and Jobina~

10 things about atiq….

1st A battery, wire, move –less auto radio

2nd A very good story teller

3rd Shes a person with updated information?

4th Know her since last year…. Eh thats wrong. Know her since year 4. Never talked to her then

5th Easy to be punked

6th Never angry, just annoyed

7th Loses her bottle easily if unnoticed

8th A good radio

9th Did i mention that before? LOLS My bad

10th An excellent choice as a fren

10 things about Jobina…

1st Cute

2nd Baik hati

3rd Very adorable

4th Cute… did i mention that before? lols

5th A good photographer

6th Religious

7th Active

8th Gila also like khai

9th In my J’s Fav list

10th I don’t know what to say but im very lucky to be frens with her

So thats it i guess….

By the way, the first word i say is :

Yo, what have uve been doing? This is a code  Justine had made. Hope u understand~

Ip Afuoj, Jivninv Eah



Im Uwaes, Signing Out


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Day 154 4th Jan 2009

WeLcOmE 2009 GoOdByE 2008

You know how dangerous a game is to you? Sucking you out of your body and trap you in a virtual realm for a very long time. That’s what had happened to me. Being Hiatus isn’t that fun. Tried to come up with something new but in the end my New Year’s Eve just came tumbling down the hill due to my own Norton AntiVirus. (Those who are very dumb still, like hani for example, my computer kena virus) …. (ok moving on.)

Lets continue to where we stopped. It was during 27th November that Miri, again hit by a storm. It was fun in the beginning cos we went out (my mum, bro, and me). Then suddenly I see wind very thrashing through the trees bringing rain down as well. Even took a video of it (lols). Then instead of going out at an open place diner, we went to the old classic, very fat, kfc. (lols) A week later, I finally get to go to a specialist. I was quite in a bad condition, my nose and ear both were in big trouble (nose is allergy thingy and ear got slight hearing loss).

The first time I went there so stupid la. The doctor (Dr. Selva, a nose, ear, throat specialist) stunned me with a shot of high speed water inside my nose (which is very very very painful indeed) Then a very &$%$%^ process with a picture of both of my @#$!#5 ear and my @$%^#@#$% nose. (dun ask) In fact, yesterday also I went to the specialist again. This time, he sprayed me, then he stuck a rod inside my nose, a very long silver one. Very very pain indeed. (LOLS BE A MAN XD). Anyway..

MOVING ON XDDDDDDD. Recently, I went to mega hotel for another celebration (and eat a very nice dish of steamboat)  But in the end it wasn’t the food that intrigued me but it’s the picture of myself (no its not nude hani, I really like that pic, thanks bro take pic) ok… this is boring isn’t it.. Lets go to Alex’s Bday (oh yea merry late Christmas) Alex grats on ur… sweet  16. Never knew you’re still young. You look like 30 [yes that's NOT (this is) a joke]. He looks like a teen of cos

Met him and finally talked with him rofl. 2 years same school also we never talked. Then that day also I only said few words with him (im not being rude, I just dunoe wat to talk on) It started early (I woke up at 7 30). Then went to grand palace for a while just for its toilet. Then sneaked out to the MCC (zan was very surprised indeed I go cc) (and did I mention sneaked? Some people dunoe I go mcc…. Ehhehehehe) It was nice but theres this one game I really hate, its called Left  4 Dead. 4 survivors was left behind with a thousands of zombie in a city. They need to evacuate but they face a lot of challenges in between (did I mention how much I hate zombie just like I hate cockroaches? They are plain creepy XD) ….

(Unless we are the zombie, then its fun. I want be zombie not the victim) XD. Played a few rounds of dota in between, then it was time for me to leave MCC (wah its raining! 12:38 am) Walked through the a number of building (I was almost lost) Then stopped by Toys World. Bought Glow in the dark stars and A kit to make my room have constellation (tore a part of it by accident. LOLS)

Few days later it was new year. Celebrated it very moderately (cos we can’t go out thanks to some one, no its NOT you bro. No hard feelings ya bro XD) But, it was very fun POTC trilogy from 7 pm till 3 am. It was fun watching it with my mum (until we didn’t realize 12 am passed oledi by 30 mins). Ok finally can talk about recent activities. Yesterday registered for school. But, I went there a bit too early (Around 8 45 am, well the last year notice said register at 8 am. So not my fault) So went to the torturing specialist. Get shot in the nose. Can’t speak for 5 mins. Then went to school, registered at the class room, and the class teacher is Miss Lee XD yeay! It was stupid though how I discovered her:

Me: Shuk, cney mok register?

Shukri: Dekat cikgu

Me: Ya la cikgu ni?

Shukri: Miss Lee

Me: Oh cney nya?

Shukri: Ya depan ko.

I looked up and there she was. She was like a pebble at the side of the road. She blended with the nature lols. Paid Rm 18.50 and went off to carry books (which made my back hurt) Memang stupid la haha. (still pain now while laughing). Talking about school, you know how crappy it looks now than last time? The roads become tighter, parking place become lesser, and …. Mr Alias gone. LOLS “CHEMISTRY IS NOTHING”. Thinking about him makes my atoms vibrate, or a.k.a MELTING XDDD (that’s from khai). The shivers of going back to school just came to me since im gonna face a really tough and long war of the Sexual Premenstrual Men Test. LOLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Although im almost 17,me and hani played kejar2 just now. Kena tegur Miss lee again XD. Getting NONE OF THE LICENSE ( not even a motorcycle. Dammit.) Seeing hani’s blog I just remembered wat is my 2009 goals

1st Lose more weight? ( lost 8 kg during holidays. I was stuck in game few hours (12 hours most) no eat)

2nd More Texting, I got too much credit

3rd.Get good Results of cos

4th Learn More dance moves

5th Be more “rajin” wif my blog

6th Get more people to read my blog

7th Make a MLOG or VLOG (suppose to be this one zzz)

Hurm that’s all . Oh yea since I want make MLOG or the VLOG, visit my channel go to Im still updating it so its still in a cincai mode. Anyway theres a trick wif this channel. Instead of the usual Imjustanobody, I replaced the I with and L….. Well…. That’s because…. The username….was. taken. Sad isn’t it?. Oh yea, got people tag me, which is sumbody I really hate. Hani (just joking not really) so….

The tagged needs to write 10 things about the tagger!


First.. she is in love. With you noe hu!Me of cos. LOLS HECK NO

2nd shes a short person.

3rd. Shes half Chinese half malay.

4th shes a mafia granddaughter. To be exact FIRST granddaughter. Sry that he passed away.

Moving on…

5th. She likes bowling.

6th she suck in bowling.

7th she was beaten by a noob … which is alex XD

8th she have long hair.

9th. She play maple. (she suck in it. Big time)

10th… wah! I actually written 10 about her! IM AMAZING XDDD..

So going on to the hard part. I need to write 10 things about myself…


1st An online game freak.

2nd Cute fluffy and furry (lols.)

3rd, Im a loving person.

4th Dun mess wif me if im mad

5th I can bend a spoon easily

6th I can bodyslam people

7th Me like Chinese girls…. Especially the 3 J’s Jennifer Jobina and My most Fav… Jas XD

8th Me can cook

9th Me can cook better than hani.

10th I dunoe wat my future is holding for me.

Phew. That was hard. Anyway now… the fun part. Taggin another 10 person.







Both garnettes glo and fedo,


Lim and alex.

Lex. If u reading this. PLZ DAM FUKING ALLOW ME TO READ UR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! Lols. No offense. OK done. Off to bed :)

Welcome Back To School Dear Readers!

And Back To Reading My Blog ;P

Your Cute Blogger,

Im Uwaes Signing Out

Ciao people!

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Day 118, 24th November

My Photograph Work XD

Well, today, im gonna share the picture that i have taken recently. Especially during the trip to the beach… Lets go shall we?

Description: This is a picture of a ground near the Kuala Baram beach

Description: A rainy day… sad isnt it?

Description: This is a picture of the light shining through my window (curtain is closed) However, this only happens for 15 mins each day XD

Description: A whole view of esplanade beach (and kolej tdthb cliff)

Descrition: A picture of a broken marble (i think) bowl and the mee hun XD. Second thing i broke this month

Description: Im in a forest of tranquility… (guess where is it, answer down below of the post)

Description: Uwaes Was Here XD

Description: A beautiful view from the ground of esplanade

Answer: The picture is the entrance of esplanade XD

(gonna put more in the morning)

(nahhhhh lazy XD)

Im uwaes, Signing out


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Day 115, 21st November

HaLo PeOpLe

Ahh…  Holidays … never thought it would come so SOON~! But before i start with my adventuraaaa, i would like to apologize to my dear readers for being… Hiatus from blogging XD! (thanks to Moo Moo Cow for introducing the worddddd) Anyway, i kena marah by my friend for not updating blogs. Talk about bosssy much~!

(Yes im talking to u)

(you know hu U are)

Anyway, let me tell about today first. Today, after few hours of playing Maplestory (sorry, this is what makes me hiatus from updating blogs~!) i finally slept at 2. 2 am that is (early eh?) That time, set my handphone clock at 7 30 am (so that i could play maplestory until 10 am, then prepare for friday prayer). So, when i was sleeping, i was dreaming (i 4got wat was it…) then got this email sound? (when it arrives thingy) keep repeating itself. I woke up then it was my handphone alarm. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Off it. Went to sleep for A WHILE (which turns out to be exactly 4 hours of sleep) I woke up at 11 am then i said : Fuck (or was it Damn!) . The first word of my day XD How convenient?

Then with my eyes very tiny, i walk pass the door. XD Then get angry cos. no. FOOD. The first thing i must see in my life. FOoOoOoD. Tell me who dun want food? XD! After we finish prayer, i wanted to go play maple, but then. MY mum came in….. Oh damn. Now i remember.

On the way to go home, got a T-Junction. Its a two way roads, so have to look both way. Left (i look) was clear, the right (my bro) wasnt clear. I said Clear. He went on drive. I turned my head then for a split second, i saw this motorcycle (cant say the plate number, the name, and the model for safety reasons) 2 people was riding it.

Then they want stop,

they turn left,





My bro.

He laughed.

Then he baru realise it was an accident.

No body was injured (sadly). Hurm. Then afternoon. Went walking2 (jalan2 laaaa). First go eat Rojak and ABC. Did i mention i totally hate rojak? Then we went to an unpresidented adventure to the Esplanade. One Word. I miss this place so dam much (lol thats one sentence!) Got crabs (one died, by accident. SORRRYYYYY!), starfish, and last but not least, the hovering eagle, which was like 10 metres above us. SO NEEARRR XD.

Anyway, lazy updates on the last few days. Update that lataaaa

Tata people

Im Uwaes, Signing Out


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Day 105, 11th November

3 More Days To Go~

Yes! 3 more days till its holiday! Hmm.. I don’t know what to talk rofl. Well, let me think… Today. What happened… Well, i was forgotten by people (yea, atiqah, you forgot to take my Bio Paper, and passed urs to the front and forgetting people behind you. I feel neglected hahahahaha…) Today i see a movie at HBO called Sweets Nothing in my ear.

A married couple locked in separate realities is faced with the most difficult decision of their lives after learning that their son, who loses his ability to hear at age four, could potentially regain his hearing with the help of cochlear implants. Dan Miller (Jeff Daniels) and his wife Laura (Marlee Matlin) may be husband and wife, but they’re also best friends. Laura is deaf, while Dan has always been able to hear. When their four year old son Adam (Noah Valencia) suddenly loses his hearing, Dan and Laura find themselves hopelessly at odds over how to handle the situation. Laura has dealt with deafness her entire life, and believes that her son’s handicap is only a minor obstacle. Dan, on the other hand, is determined to give his son a shot at living a more normal life, and becomes staunchly convinced that modern technology can make that possible. But the more research Dan conducts into cochlear implants, the clearer Laura makes it that she is completely opposed to the idea of surgery for their son. As the conflict between the couple comes to an impassioned head, Laura and Dan struggle to put aside their differences decide which option would be best for Adam’s future.

Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Its one of he most unique movie i ever seen. There were less action of talking but more to hand signals. Good thing i know some of them (but never mind, when they use their sign language, they are voice overs that say what is they doing. I remembered conversations, and…. basically that was it. Lol.

Seeing this movie, reminds me, that even Now, people don’t believe that i have a problem with my right ear (For those who are stupid, I DO CLEAR THE WAX OUT OF MY EAR). You might even read this and laughing. I know you are. Some times, people just don’t trust these things. If i really cant hear later then you guys would know. Even my parents are dilly-daling with these problems. Talk much but no action. Just like some of the people i know. (but nvm i still luv them). But, when i grow up, no, when we grow up, all of us, please listen to the problems that your child have. You, as a parent (NOT NOW), must be someone like a best friend to your wife/husbands and your kids. We listen their problems like how we talk in school, we help them if they are in trouble (well not gonna happen in school), and we just do what is best for all of them not just think of what you think you deserve better. Think of other people than youself. Talk, discuss and choose the best option.

Oh yea, exams… cant wait for it to be over lol

Im Uwaes, Signing Out


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Day 104, 10th October

A quick post

Today few funny thing happened. I woke up, looking at watch just to know it RAN OUT of battery (its rechargeable but have to use sun but i use table lamp which works). Then i thought of a solution bringing a clock to school (its green in color, got alarm and shape like a FLOWER).

It was English test first so i set the alarm end at 9 35 and i counted it wrongly at first then i accidentally tuned it that time (it was 9 34) and the alarm rang and the whole class looked at me. ROFL. *Reminder* Some teacher to avoid using clock : Alias and Esmandi XD.

Then waktu rehat, i was kind of hungry so i ask hani to go canteen so i asked like this: Can you follow me to toilet, punya kawan jamban punya kawan jambatan punya kawan canteen! (i always say like this if i said something wrong) By the way, Zan was felt awkward when he received a comment from himself (rofl).

Oh yea, i would like to say thanks to Atiqah for borrowing practically everything for me to write. I dunoe where the heck was my pencil, pen and eraser.(oh found my pen in front here). Tomorrow i would like to post my pictures i took today. A lot scenic views that i think is scenic XD

I was thinking, maybe i could be a photographer. I really LOVE taking pictures. What do you think? XD

Im Uwaes, Signing Out,


Posted by: kintey | November 9, 2008

Day 103, 9th November

I’m eViL

Well it all started last night, when i was checking my email. There was this one message where it says it is a friendster reminder of a birthday of one of my friend, Carlson. He is a MapleSea (a game) friend of mine. But later i found out he was from Malaysia. After we talk few minutes (in game), he was from Sabah but studying in Miri. It was a shock, then he said he is studying in Curtin. In the end, i asked him:

Me: Do you know about my brother? He studies at curtin too, and the same age as you.

Carlson: Maybe, who is it?

Me: Asfan, ring a bell?

Carlson: OMG! Seriously????? He’s me Father! (lol, what he meant was, my brother was a facilitator, in Curtin for new students, everybody must be addressed father/mother?) XD

Me: Lol? Father??

Carlson: I know him~!!!!!

Then he explained everything…

This reminds me, im evil because… When i click when is Carl’s birthday, some thing else pop out, there wasn’t anybody i know birthday! Then i click my friends and suddenly i see, how come got other people that i don’t know added me??? I thought someone hacked me, then i click my profile… then suddenly come out is this:

Then i disturbed a bit, commenting on his own page XD, and some other webpage XD

hehehehehhe… i havent even logged out yet. Watch out you all there… im gonna hack you all….

By the way, heres a poll regarding my blog

Im Uwaes, Signing Out,


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